Cycle touring in Mongolia. Crank and Cog.
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Cycling across Outer Mongolia

In Summer 2015, Ciarán and I spent 40 days cycling across Mongolia. Along the way we encountered lunar landscapes, lazy camels, curious locals, sandy tracks, rolling hills, incredible hosts, idyllic campsites and stunning skies!

*Warning: there is one graphic scene of a goat being turned inside out. We were invited to camp next to some herders who were bringing their goats to the capital. They treated us to khorkhog, a traditional Mongolian dish which involves cooking the goat with hot rocks in the stomach of the animal. It tasted better than it sounds.


The first track is a snippet from the title track of Melting Cavalry by the Irish band Seti The First. The second track is Excessive Moonlight by Indian Jewelery and the third track is Seagreen Serenade by Silver Apples.


  1. Robert Nestman

    Hello Laura,
    I am planning a bike ride across Mongolia this summer, 2016,
    Could you answer a few questions for me? Did you ride East to
    West or other direction? What type of bikes did you ride and
    how did you find them for the terain? Do you think July is the best month for the ride?

    Many other questions but won’t pain you too much:)

    Thank you

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  4. What an amazing journey you did.. in one of my favorite countries. It’s so hard to describe to people the vastness of those landscapes, the endless skies, its otherworldliness; but you’ve managed to capture quite a bit of that feel in your video. Wow, thnx for sharing and taking me back to the Gobi, gers & goats 😉

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