Ciarán and Laura



Crank & Cog presents to you the cycle adventures of Ciarán and Laura!  Two lackadaisical wanderers who prefer to absorb their surroundings by traveling very, very slowly! Eating, drinking, photographing, filming, chatting, hiking, and cycling our way from boreen’s in the West of Ireland to dessert tracks in Mongolia.

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  1. clive

    Hi lads, I just discovered your blog. FANTASIC! What a way to come home. You’ve inspired me to take a trip. Tamara and I love camping and biking (she is Dutch) we would love to do a trip like that. We camped all around California last summer but we drove like sissies. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on yer progress. Thanks for making the effort to blog, I’d be too lazy.

    Best of luck,
    Ps. I’d love to see ye again in Ireland some day

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  2. Sain baina uu or Konnichiwa!
    I just read about your journey in Irish Times.
    I cycled from Japan to Ireland too, way back in 1998 and I wanted to wish you well.
    I have a great friend in Novosibirsk, a Russian professor for Japanese institute there if you fancy meeting her, or you would get stuck.
    Anyway, ENJOY and give me a shout when you arrive Ireland.

    Yasuyuki Ozeki


    • Thanks Yaz! We actually read your book before we departed, great stuff ! We’re enjoying a cold beer now in Olgii, Mongolia , awaiting to cross into Russia.


      • Great staff! Thanks a lot for reading my book.
        Enjoy cold beer with lovely mutton. You will miss it!
        Good luck the road ahead, looks hilly enough……


  3. Tim

    Wow, your trip looks amazing. Earlier this year, I came home from North West Poland to Ireland by bike.
    But your adventure is a whole other level by comparison.
    I only needed the two rear panniers because I wasn’t camping and also because I prefer not to add too much weight to the steering.
    I hope you have the padded shorts on… they’re a great invention.
    Best of Luck, I’ll be following and I’d love to hear more from you.

    If you’re ever in Limerick, give me a shout. I’d love to hear some of your travel stories.

    About 20 years ago I spent some time studying Japanese in Saitama, so I will say ‘Gambatte!’ to you and wish you a safe journey home.


  4. brent

    Great blog. Good luck and health to you both!!

    I read about your adventures as I sit in a huge 10k person office building under fluorescent lights while staring at a computer.

    … need more adventure …
    …drool ….

    from Portland, Oregon


  5. Hey guys,

    Reading this feels weird because I relate to so much of it. I taught English in Japan for five years, got into cycle touring while living there, did some tours around Japan, eventually convinced my wife to come tour with me, then we rode our bikes to Ireland. We’re just ahead of you by two years!

    Anyway, I found your journal while I was reminiscing about our own 2012-2013 Japan-Ireland bike ride. Thank you for bringing back memories, even if they’re not exactly my own.

    I find your route choice intriguing; I don’t remember seeing a journal of people doing that route. Skipping Russia I understand due to bureaucracy and ongoing political situation. Was it that you really wanted to go to Mongolia but didn’t want to venture down into China/Central Asia?

    Hope you’re enjoying yourselves in Eastern Europe now. Safe travels.



    • Hi Adam! Ya, Mongolia was a place we wanted to go to for a while and living in a country as densely populated as Japan made the vast empty space of Mongolia that bit more appealing. We skipped China and a chunk of Russia because we were hoping to be home before the winter, although it looks like the winter has beaten us, it’s pretty wet and wild today looking out from a coffee shop in hilly Northumbria !


      • Alright, that makes sense. And yup, looks like you missed that goal to be home before winter. Cold rain is my least favorite non-extreme weather to cycle in, so I hope you savored that coffee before heading back out.


  6. Maria Hynes-Louw

    Hi Guys, thinking of you today and wondering if you’re home yet? If you’re in Cork, you could come and visit at Midleton CBS and give my lads a talk about your trip!! Maria (Hynes)


    • Hi Maria! Good to hear from you! We’ve arrived into Ireland, but it’ll be a few days before I’m home . We’d be delighted to give a talk to your students, could be fun!


  7. Hi! Ciaran & Laura –

    Amazing journey.

    When you have freshened up would you like to give a talk at a public meeting of Dublin Cycling Campaign?


    Mike McKillen
    Chairperson of – The Irish Cycling Advocacy Network

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  8. d

    Hi Guys my name is Dave Flanagan, I run a monthly adventure night called Fully Loaded and I was wondering if ye might be interested in speaking about your trip at it? Maybe you could fire me an email


  9. Dave Flanagan

    Hi Guys my name is Dave Flanagan, I run a monthly adventure night called Fully Loaded and I was wondering if ye might be interested in speaking about your trip at it? Maybe you could fire me an email

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