Bike + Bread

Sourdough Bread delivered by bike!

Flour + water + salt + time.

For an 8 week period I will be delivering hand crafted sourdough bread to the Manorhamilton area in North Leitrim. I may extend this if there is a demand and my time schedule allows it.

From start to finish the process takes about 48 hours. No additives or preservatives are added just simply flour, salt and water. The slow fermentation process gives the bread its flavour and health benefits.

In tune with slow food I will be delivering the bread by bike!

There will be a limit to the amount of bread I can bake and deliver, so I’ll be keeping the batches relatively small. It’ll be first come first served!

The bread is made up of a mix of French flour and organic stoneground wholewheat flour, sea salt and water. Each loaf is individually shaped by hand into a round boule, proofed in banneton baskets, baked on stone and delivered to your door in a waterproof certified biodegradable and compostable bag. Currently I am baking just one type of loaf.

Once you have subscribed for the 8 week block I will email asking for your eircode and contact number. Subscription is at the bottom of this page.

I will be delivering within the circle!


Sourdough Bread 8 week subscription.

Approx. weight 650g. €4.50 x 8 weeks = €36