Leitrim Cycling Festival
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Leitrim Cycling Festival has arrived!

Leitrim Cycling Festival

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It’s almost time for Leitrim Cycling Festival, 2018.

June 22nd -24th.

We’ll have cycling adventure talks, art workshops, cycle picnic, music, a scary-go round, bike olympics, circus fancy dress, cycle theatre, and of course some cycling through lovely Leitrim!!

A weekend of celebrating all that is good about the humble bicycle. The festival has a particular emphasis on leisurely cycling and normalising cycling as an everyday pursuit.  You don’t need a high-end bike to enjoy cycling.  If there’s air in your tyres, a little oil on your chain and your saddle is snug you are ready to go!

The festival starts on the Friday night at The Glens Centre, Manorhamilton Co.Leitrim, with Cycling Adventure Tales from Mary Russell and William Bennett.

Mary is a Dublin based writer who has written The Blessings of a Good Thick Skirt, a book about women travellers and explorers, and My Home is Your Home, her account of her travelling through pre war Syria on bike and foot.

William recently completed his round the world cycle which took over three years.  He has cycled over 58,000 across five continents.  He’ll be talking about the exhilarating highs and crushing lows of such an adventure.

On Saturday we will have lots of bike hijinks and family friendly events, we will be based at the Castle Cafe, Manorhamilton. From 3.30 we will have a mini cycle tour taking the scenic route from Manorhamilton to Dromahair where we will have an over night campout.  It’s a great opportunity to get a taste of what it is like to power your own journey and sleep under the stars!

Sunday, we will have the Great Greenway Cycling Circus Carnival at Dromahair! There’ll be a parade of cycles, a fancy dress, gazebo big top tea time slow, bike race and lots more!!


Mary Russell- Leitrim Cycling FestivalMary Russell-My Home is Your Home & The Blessings of a Good Thick Skirt.

Mary Russell and her beautifully written books My Home is Your Home and The Blessings of a Good Thick Skirt.

William Bennett -Photo taken by William Bennett

Photo by William Bennett

Winter Wild Camping in Moldova - Photo by William Bennett copy

Winter Wild Camping in Moldova – Photo by William Bennett

William Bennett will be wowing us with some epic tales of his adventure around the world.

The Knotted Chords

Music by the Knotted Chords.


Artist and inventer Paddy Bloomer will be bring his Scary Go-Round to the Festival.

Drumahair Greenway

The Greenway, Dromahair, Co.Leitrim. It really has been a great success since it has been opened last year.

Leitrim Cycling Festival

rambles in eirinn

We’ll be retracing some of the routes cycled by William Bulfin during the turn of the 20th century
He cycled around the Irish countryside chronicling life  in rural Ireland and nothing escaped his keen observation!

“If you have a week or a fortnight to spare you could make Drumahaire your headquarters, and take a new route each day for a cycling trip of 20 or 30 miles around.It is an ideal place to spend a quiet time, far from the roaring crowds of the cities. There is no noise, no hurry or worry. Perfect quiet, perfect ease, beautiful scenery.” 

I’ll see you at the weekend!!

Find out more at www.leitrimcyclingfestival.com

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Leitrim Cycling Festival, 2018.

June 22 – June 24, 2018

We are at the early and giddy stages of planning a festival of cycling and hiking the wilds of Leitrim in the North West of Ireland.

Dates have been confirmed and venues booked. We’re planning some amazing routes and campout locations. A request for fine weather is pending…

The aim of the hike + bike festival is to celebrate Leitrim for its wonderful walking and cycling routes, to bring people together to learn about the future of hiking and cycling in the area, to build a community that can be involved in developing the area and to have some fun.
Its lining up to be a great weekend. There will be bikes, food, music, workshops, talks, hills, lakes, foraging, boreens, campout, bunting, maps, art, saddle-sores, tan-lines… aaaannnndddd ice-cream!

Keep an eye here for further details.

Below are a few tracks and roads to whet your appetite!

Stay tuned!


C&C_LeitrimHike & Bike Festival Leitrim 2018.Hike & Bike Festival Leitrim 2018.

Hike & Bike Festival Leitrim 2018.Hike & Bike Festival Leitrim 2018.Hike & Bike Festival Leitrim 2018.

Hike & Bike Festival Leitrim 2018.

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Rose Hip Syrup

In Ireland there is an old folk tale that warns against picking wild berries after Halloween.  The Púka (a mischievous shape shifting Irish fairy) will pee and spit all over the wild berries once October has passed rendering them inedible.  So although rose hip berries are visible throughout the winter it’s best to leave them to the Púca!

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Cycling north Leitrim, Ireland in the Autumn. | Crank and Cog
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Cycling North Leitrim, Ireland.


Leitrim, in the North West of Ireland, can be divided into two parts, the lowlands of the south and the highlands of the north, with Lough Allen in the middle.   I’ll explore the south of the county on another day but for now the North Leitrim hills awash with it’s autumn colour have me enthralled.  With rippling hills, unmanicured hedgerows, glacial lakes and a vast network of meandering little roads to explore it’s a cyclists seventh heaven!

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Meadowsweet Cordial with lemon | Crank & Cog
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Meadowsweet Cordial with Lemon.

After a wet and blustery start to August it’s tempting to conjure up some druidic magic to try to save the remainder of the ‘summer’ before it’s swept away by our unforgiving weather.  Thankfully you won’t need to sacrifice any virginal bride in a public ceremony, instead making and bottling some meadowsweet cordial should be enough to at least remind you of the summery good times!

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Bicycle Tour of Iceland.


Words and pictures really struggle to capture the experience of standing barefoot in a hot bubbling mud pool, watching mist slowly reveal a creaking glacier while you’re chewing on copious amounts of liquorice sticks! Iceland is a country of stunning raw beauty,  beautiful contradictions and elves… apparently!

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Bikepacking Through the Ox Mountains, Sligo, Ireland.

With a longer stretch in the evenings and improving weather, we decided to go on a short over night loop around the Ox mountains in Sligo, Ireland.  In truth it was a good chance to begin preparing for our trip to Iceland coming up in early June.  I’d rather discover any issues with the bikes, gear or ourselves along the hills of Sligo rather than the barren plateaus of Iceland. Read More