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Last minute preparations and packing (Japan).

From this…

To this!

 We spent the guts of two days packing our boxes and gear for the flight from Japan to Mongolia, and about an hour freaking out at the airport as we were told the boxes were too big! We were eventually given the all clear and boarded the plane. Hopefully we won’t have the same experience as we fly from Novosibirsk, Russia, in six weeks time.


  1. Paul Barnes

    Read about the trip home, in the IT – sounds amazing – safe travels and enjoy it!


  2. Danny O'Hare

    Now 71, I wish that I had the bravery to do what you are doing when I was young enough to do it! The very best of good luck.


  3. Cengiz Sarikayali

    Dear Laura and Ciaran, hello and a very warm welcome from Istanbul, Turkey!

    First and foremost, let me congratulate you both for the great job you’ve undertaken and wish you a very safe and an enjoyable journey all the way home to Galway.
    I read about the good news of your travel via “The Irish Times” which I’m subscribed to. I went through and examined Crank&Cog. It’s an excellent site. Very clever and useful, congrats again! The only thing you need during your long journey home is nothing but good health. So do please look after yourselves and take care.
    I lived in Dublin, Ireland between 1971-1976. I was a Turkish student studying in Trinity College Dublin. I used to have a bike and cycled a lot both in and out of Dublin. During our spare time from lectures and exams, we used to cycle around The Wicklow mountains and enjoy camping with friends in Glendalough. I’m now sixty three. I don’t think I can compete with you but still love and feel energetic to cycle around. I wholeheartedly admire both your courage and energy. Keep going!
    It’s a pity Turkey is not on your return route. I’d have love to meet you. I plan to visit Ireland next year after fourty long years. Who knows there might be a chance to meet each other sometime in the future. In the meantime, all I want to wish you both is “good luck” and “a very safe journey home to Ireland.”
    Slainte and all the very best, Laura and Ciaran.

    Saturday, August 8th 2015


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Cengiz, it was really encouraging. Actually, we originally planned to include Turkey, but time constraints restricted us from doing so, some day hopefully.


  4. Robin Regan

    An amazing thing you’re doing Laura, I enjoyed the Irish Times article. Keep safe and enjoy yourselves. I also commend the packing music. Kerosene around, nothing to do…


  5. I was pointed to your blog by an article on the Irish Times web site. I used to live in Japan about 20 years ago and spent a lot of my time hiking and cycling in the mountains including the Japan Alps. Like you, I am very familiar with ‘bridges to nowhere’ and ‘more vending machines than people’.

    Have a great trip back home.


  6. Jim Hussey

    Would have been easier to fly!!(ha ha). Need to get home by sept for hurling final


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