Mongolian herders on camels near gobi dessert. Cycle touring Mongolia.
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Bye bye Mongolia

A quick video summary of the trip through Mongolia. We were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity shown to us in Mongolia, we hope to be back again some day.

Living it up in Russia now! We’ve been stuffing our faces with cheese and cake, Laura dropped to her knees when she saw cheese in the shop, a heavenly apparition in the dairy aisle, it’s been 40 cheeseless days, she really misses cheese!

We got through the Mongolian/Russian border in record time but minus one of Laura’s panniers. We even went back to the border to check after we realized it was missing. Laura had to sit through 1 hour of cctv footage to see if she could figure out where it went. Still a mystery. So now we only have one sleeping bag, sleeping mat and pillow between us. She also lost her down jacket, so it’ll be a chilly introduction to Russia.


  1. Tim

    It’s hard keeping all your gear together when so busy and tired and seeing new places. Best make a routine of checking all before departure. I learned that the hard way when I stopped to eat and refill my 3 insulated water bottles, and then putting all the gear in the panniers and panniers on the bike, headed off, and was over the next border before realising I’d left my insulated water bottles in the cafe.
    I hope the weather is kind to you as your cross Russia.

    By the way, what kind of set-up do you have with the hub on the bike?


    • Yep, the borders can be a bit of a headache Tim!
      I use a shutter precision pv 8 hub, which is connected to a Sinewaves revolution


    • * USB charger, I find both very good. The shutter precision is a Taiwanese hub, similar in output to she SON Schmidt but about half the price. The USB connection is waterproof too. Hope this helps


  2. Nigel

    Came across this by chance, your adventure is amazing – love reading about it, very inspiring!


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