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Security and Hidden Storage

Cycling is a fantastic way to meet people and experience different cultures.  99% of the time people are friendly, generous and helpful. Unfortunately, occasions may arise when your security is at risk.  It is a good idea to prepare in advance for such an occasion.

When we travel we keep our passport, money and identification close to our body by using a security waist wallet and keep it under our clothing.  We keep a fake wallet in our handlebar bag, with some spare cash notes, old, no longer in use credit cards and old student cards or other form of obsolete id.  It’s this fake wallet we would give if we were ever robbed.

We also use our seat post for secret storage.  We carry spare spokes, labeled yellow for the front wheel and blue for the back wheel.  Additionally we keep some cash wrapped in a plastic sandwich bag in the seat post too.  This stash of cash is for emergencies only.  We travelled from Mongolia to Ireland without ever having to use any of our secret cash.


We keep a combination of dollars, euros and local currency in the seat post.  No more than $200s or €100s.


aMake sure the cash and spokes fit snuggly into the seat post.  You don’t want it to be loose and rattling around as you cycle. Tie a string to the end of your contents and test that you can pull the spokes, cash etc out again before you attach your seat post back to your bike.


Cash hidaway!

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