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How to clean pots with no water

Tips and Advice for Cycle Touring.

Check out my updated page on cycle touring advice.

Lots of tips, including…




  1. Tim Norton

    I’ve just semi-retired and at last have time and savings (and very understanding lovely wife) to take on some long distance touring. Your info is inspiring and fascinating- thanks!
    I’m on warm showers – call in if you’re passing through northwest England.


    • Thanks Tim! We must hop over to England again! We really enjoyed cycling Hadrian’s wall. We were tempted to include the Lake District during our crossing, but weather and time restriction were against us. Next time!


  2. Charles and Maria Hynes-Louw

    Very interesting, Ciarán. Darina Allen would approve! Are you still in Tipperary/Cork? You’ll have to take a trip to Midleton one day.


    • Hi folks! we’re actually living by the coast now, just outside Sligo. We must call next time we’re down and of course drop by if your up this part of the country!


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