Mongolian herder herding his sheep. Open blue sky and green hills. Crank and Cog blog post, 'Outside the Box'
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Outside the Box!

Travelling by cars, buses and trains to take us from our houses or flats to work in offices or factories, we seem to move from box to box by boxes! We spend a lot of our time contained in boxes and equally as much time trying to break out of boxes!

The concrete and steel that we’ve built around us has generated a sense of  detachment and apathy  to what lays beyond  the garden fence.  The faraway hills seem further away than ever.

Yet with Spring in the air, longer days and improved weather, the itch to get outside and beyond the garden fence awakens a primal instinct in us.  There is a yearning for expansive openness.  To smell the clay and dirt. To have the rain pelt your face one minute and the sun warm the back of your neck the next. To hear the sound of swaying trees and singing birds, and to breath fresh air that clears the mould from your head.

To get outside the box!

mongolian-herder-sheep-blue-sky-mooncamelsmongoliamongolian-lake-ciaran1mullaghmore-castle-wire-fenceOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmullughmore-sligo-lake-reedsrussian-mountainsrussian-river-valleymountain-clouds-romaniaromanian-farmlandOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApolish-moonlightOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhungary-river

Rolling along on your bike allows you the luxury of experiencing and appreciating  your surroundings on a level that is often missing when traveling by other means.  It’s easy, healthy and generally non-intrusive.  The above photographs were taken from a bike saddle while wandering from one hill to the next!


  1. IQ

    Some really nice pictures! Would have loved to see some captions or descriptions of each, though. Just for an understanding of the context.

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