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Cycling North Leitrim, Ireland.


Leitrim, in the North West of Ireland, can be divided into two parts, the lowlands of the south and the highlands of the north, with Lough Allen in the middle.   I’ll explore the south of the county on another day but for now the North Leitrim hills awash with it’s autumn colour have me enthralled.  With rippling hills, unmanicured hedgerows, glacial lakes and a vast network of meandering little roads to explore it’s a cyclists seventh heaven!

The North Leitrim countryside is made up of numerous glens,  Glencar, Glenfarne, Glenaniff, Glenboy, Glenkeel, Gleniff and Glenade.  They seem to be evenly placed for the convenience of the cyclist, with ups and downs appearing and disappearing on cue!  Each glen outdoing the other in drama, colour and rustic beauty.  The web of minor roads that link the glens are picture postcard rural Ireland and traverse over rolling hills of small hedge-lined sheep farms. The higher the road climbs the more it reveals the solitude of Ireland’s least populated county.  You could spend a day cycling the roads only meeting a few!  Derelict stone cottages long since vacated dot the hillsides. Fairy forts and  fairy trees add intrigue.  The Leitrim hills are calling!

autumn leitrim cycle bushesAutumn leitrim cycleLeitrim autumn cycle melvinEagles rock trail leitrim


leitrim hills_glenade rd

oRourks table leenan mtn_stone wallview from oRourkes tableGleniff-Sligo-Stream-Cottage

Ciaran at Gleniffgleniff-sligo-bracken-woods

leitrim hills_mary statueleitrim flower


ciarans bike_wind farm


  1. Maura

    I adore these photos! Planning to spend a month in North Leitrim and Sligo next June/July. Would it be possible to post a map or suggested routes for riding in North Leitrim? I’m not comfortable riding on most roads, but these back roads away from traffic look great!

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    • Hi Maura! Yup, there are plenty of back roads away from traffic in Leitrim. Hopefully, i’ll get a chance in the next month or so to map some of the more scenic ones. I hope you don’t mind cycling up the occasional hill or two?!!


  2. jill wright

    Lovely photos of a lovely quiet county. It would be great if you did get a chance to map some of your routes and I would take a spin up there. I really enjoy your posts. Thank you

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