Cycling north Leitrim, Ireland in the Autumn. | Crank and Cog
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Cycling North Leitrim, Ireland.


Leitrim, in the North West of Ireland, can be divided into two parts, the lowlands of the south and the highlands of the north, with Lough Allen in the middle.   I’ll explore the south of the county on another day but for now the North Leitrim hills awash with it’s autumn colour have me enthralled.  With rippling hills, unmanicured hedgerows, glacial lakes and a vast network of meandering little roads to explore it’s a cyclists seventh heaven!

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Meadowsweet Cordial with lemon | Crank & Cog
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Meadowsweet Cordial with Lemon.

After a wet and blustery start to August it’s tempting to conjure up some druidic magic to try to save the remainder of the ‘summer’ before it’s swept away by our unforgiving weather.  Thankfully you won’t need to sacrifice any virginal bride in a public ceremony, instead making and bottling some meadowsweet cordial should be enough to at least remind you of the summery good times!

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Bicycle Tour of Iceland.


Words and pictures really struggle to capture the experience of standing barefoot in a hot bubbling mud pool, watching mist slowly reveal a creaking glacier while you’re chewing on copious amounts of liquorice sticks! Iceland is a country of stunning raw beauty,  beautiful contradictions and elves… apparently!

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Bikepacking Through the Ox Mountains, Sligo, Ireland.

With a longer stretch in the evenings and improving weather, we decided to go on a short over night loop around the Ox mountains in Sligo, Ireland.  In truth it was a good chance to begin preparing for our trip to Iceland coming up in early June.  I’d rather discover any issues with the bikes, gear or ourselves along the hills of Sligo rather than the barren plateaus of Iceland. Read More

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Tips for Wild Camping

While cycle touring or multi day hiking, wild camping is our preferred method of spending the night.  It offers greater independence and options for you to choose where and when to set up tent for the night. It can also be the only way to spend the night when remoteness or lack of facilities means you have to lay your head where your hat falls! Read More

Outdoorsy Design in Ireland illustration by Laura McMorrow Crank and Cog
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Outdoorsy Design in Ireland

We have put together a list of some of our favourite designers and makers in Ireland. Whether you enjoy hiking, camping, cycling, surfing or if you are an armchair outdoorsman or woman. Here is our wish list of ethical style and eco-friendly designs for an outdoor lifestyle. We have selected designers whose approach we admire and all products are designed and/or made in Ireland.

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Mongolian herder herding his sheep. Open blue sky and green hills. Crank and Cog blog post, 'Outside the Box'
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Outside the Box!

Travelling by cars, buses and trains to take us from our houses or flats to work in offices or factories, we seem to move from box to box by boxes! We spend a lot of our time contained in boxes and equally as much time trying to break out of boxes! Read More

Wild three cornered leek recipe. Foraging for wild food. Crank and Cog.
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Foraged Three Cornered Leek Recipe.


Three-cornered leek, also know as three-cornered garlic, is quite abundant along the roadside where I live in North Sligo, Ireland.  The plant is originally of Mediterranean origin and was brought to Ireland about 300 years  ago. It’s an invasive plant that can easily spread and become dominant if unchecked.  So I suppose the most environmentally friendly way of  keeping it under control is eating it! Read More