Leitrim Cycling Festival, 2018.

Leitrim Cycling Festival was held in Manorhamilton and Dromahair in North County Leitrim, in the North West of Ireland, on the weekend of June 22nd – 24th.

Bicycle tour of Iceland

An epic cycle tour around Route One in Iceland. The land that seems to live, churn, spit and breath!

Local Loops! One Day Cycle Trips in Ireland. The Gleniff Horseshoe, Sligo, Ireland.

The Gleniff Horseshoe valley in County Sligo, Ireland is a magical and mythical place. With magic roads and tragic love stories it’s great for a short cycle or hike!

Maugherow, Sligo, Ireland.

Maugherow is a peninsula in North Sligo, Ireland. It has a maze of winding bicycle friendly roads that offers great views of the Atlantic ocean and Benbulben, the Table Top mountain.

Connemara, Ireland.

Ireland is a great destination for cycle touring…if you can get the weather for it! The Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast offers wild landscape, wild weather and wild people!


Central Europe

We were lucky to be cycling through Europe in Autumn, we followed Euro Velo 6 then joined Euro Velo 2 which took us through some spectacular forest trails.



One of the highlights of our trip was cycling the Transfagarasan road across the Carpathian mountains.


The Altai Republic

We were so relieved to reach the tarmac roads in Russia and it was such a thrill to freewheel down from the Mongolian plateau into Siberia.


Cycling across Outer Mongolia

In July 2015 we left Japan for Mongolia. Along the way we encountered some amazing landscapes, Mongolia is like one big campsite!


Fine dining 3000 meters up in the clouds. Japan.

While living in Japan we hiked up the beautiful Mount Hakusan, Ishikawa, one of Japans three holy mountains.  Unfortunately there wasn’t anything holy about the cursing and swearing or the knee trembling, thigh straining decent down!






If you travel around Japan, particularly along the coast of its main island Honshu, it is easy to imagine it as a giant sprawling urban organism. As one city’s stretching suburban tentacles trail out and meet another city’s reaching sprawl, it gives the impression that cities blur into one. Concrete swallows up the surrendering countryside. However, a different world awaits when you veer inland, into the mountains and forests away from the crowded coasts.


Space Odyssey on a bike! Japan

There are many underground bike passages in the city we live in.  It’s a little surreal as you leave the busy, traffic congested streets and enter underground to the sound of hypnotic lullaby muzak.


The Tatsumi Canal, Kanazawa, Japan.

Commuting to work through fields of apple and persimmon trees in Ishikawa, Japan.


Utatsuyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan.

Chasing the disappearing sun through the Ishikawa hills in Japan.

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