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*pronounced brrrr-no

Reaching Brno in the Czech Republic was a big milestone for us. We met up with an old friend from college, Sam and his girlfriend Pavla who put us up for a few nights and gave us an alternative bike tour of the city. On our first night we were welcomed with a steaming glass of mulled wine and a tasty pot of vegan pasta. After a few shots of home brewed plum brandy we were whisked away on a pub crawl to try the local beer. The next day Sam took us for a walk to see the 30’s architecture of Brno. We climbed a small hill through some wasteland to get a panoramic view of the city then checked out a crumbling concrete stadium left behind from the communist era. To explore further afield we hopped on our unloaded bikes and followed Sam and Pavla to an Asian wholesale hanger out of town where we were treated to a big bowl of wonton soup! After a hip coffee in a warehouse turned art gallery we headed back to their apartment to chill in front of their home cinema set up for the night!

We ended up taking no photos in Brno but luckily Sam documented our stay. See his photos below:

Ciarán sporting the lasted lumbersexual trend!


Sexy octopus art. There are so many varieties of Czech beer that you can’t always find the same beer in the same pub twice!

Ciarán insisting on wearing shorts in October.

Cobblestones. Pretty but bumpy.

Outside Sam’s place.

Brno bike gang.

Studying the art map in the hipster cafe.

All photos by Sam Grubb.


  1. Beate

    Brno… formerly Bruenn. My mother worked there as a teenager – she is 89 now 🙂
    I would love to be there. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Make sure your documents are in order when entering Austria or Germany or you might end up in a refugee camp 😉


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