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Tiny droplets of water suspended in air.

I got up one morning earlier than normal to take a walk up a hill beside me. As I walked higher and higher everything below remained under a blanket of fog, mist and light drizzle. You could come to the same place over and over again but each visit will be different. Everything changes in the mist.

Fóidin Mearbhaill – a phenomenon in Irish mythology of been enchanted and led astray in the mist.

The pictures below are what I saw!

Somewhere in the North West of Ireland!

misty arroo2
benbulben road
misty arroo track
misty arroo sheep
benbulben cliff misty
misty arroo clouds
misty arroo lake
benbulben track
benbulben top misty
misty arroo sheep track
Misty benbulben


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