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North West of Ireland.

The western counties of Ireland, in particular the Wild Atlantic Way, are quite busy during the summer months. The usual bucket list destinations attract crowds that fleet for a moment, capturing instagram friendly snaps, and off again leaving a trail of hash-tags and filters.

Winter though, particularly in the North West, can be quiet… wet, windy and wild too! The roads become silent again. The days are short and the nights long. Light and shadow battle with time. The green, yellow and lilac of summer is replaced by the grey, teal, brown and ochre of winter.

For me it’s the perfect time to wander and discover/rediscover. It can be challenging and rewarding in equal measures. The reward preferably been a creamy pint by a pub fire-side!

Donegal, in the North West of Ireland.

Hawthorn Tree, North West of Ireland

Leitrim, in the North West of Ireland

Glenade lake, Leitrim, north west of Ireland.

leitrim winter

Sligo coast_flower

Benbulben mountain track, Sligo, North West of Ireland.

Benbulben stream, Sligo, North west of Irealnd

Luke's Bridge, Sligo

fanad light house, Donegal, north west of Ireland

Lobster boat, fanad head, Donegal.

Sligo coast waves.

Flat top of Benbulben, Sligo.

Stonewall, Benbulben, Sligo, North West of Ireland.

Coffee outside.

The Beach bar , Sligo.


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