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I’ve been using an MSR Dragonfly everyday for the last couple of months to cook breakfast, dinner and tea! Overall it’s performed ok, but recently it’s been raising my blood pressure to boiling point rather than my pot of pasta! I think it may need a new filter, but I’m finding it pretty hard to locate one  here in Eastern Europe. It’s not performing as it should. ( Update: When i got back to Ireland i discovered the problem with my MSR stove; find out here.)

 Luckily, I packed this little beaut.

This is a simple alcohol stove, it’s   a very simple design, no parts to change or clean. There are numerous instructions online on how to make one so I won’t go into the details here.

I’ve been using rubbing alcohol, which is readily available in pharmacies. The stove is silent and clean. It’s actually ideal for stealthy camping, when you don’t want to be disturbed as you hungrily prepare your dinner whilst hiding in the bushes… nothing strange about that of course!

The wind shield is also a good pot stabd.

When the fuel is sufficiently heated,  the centre flame jets through the ring of holes along the top of the stove.

Dinner time!

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